Who we are/ What we do

The mission of the Central Florida Grassroots Progressives Resource Center is to provide a hub that would help interested progressives stay politically engaged and active.  The center is a place where individuals can obtain information about groups and causes they are passionate about and also find out how to get involved.  In addition, the resource office offers 1) a space that allows for safe, supportive conversation; 2) a place for progressive groups and individuals to meet and organize their efforts; 3) a source for inspirational speakers; and, 4) a location for community building events. The center will also be a place where groups and causes can reach out to the community to recruit volunteers and to disseminate information and action alerts to the public. The Resource Center is committed to advancing progressive causes by providing like-minded individuals and organizations in Central Florida with the structure, tools, and support they need to accomplish their goals.

Please contact us here to let us know what issues you are passionate about and would like to help out with.  Many of our fellow activists have fabulous ideas and we encourage you to let us know about them.  And keep up with events on our Facebook page or calendar.  You can also sign up for email updates on this site as we post events to our blog