Organizing the Vote

hackGOAL:  Fair & Transparent Elections for a Just Society

In order to enact positive legislation for a just society, progressive candidates need to find the road to success for fair elections.  The path has been growing ever more elusive over the years because of a variety of roadblocks put into place.  Voter suppression, unverifiable voting results, excessive money in campaigns, as well as poor choice of candidates, all add to the frightening prospect that our country could be detrimentally and permanently altered if we can’t manage to achieve honest and transparent elections.

Some see the 9,000 decentralized voting jurisdictions within our country as a positive situation for the integrity of our elections as large scale hacking would be challenging over this patchwork of various voting systems.  However, strategic selection of hacking sites isn’t out of the realm of possibility, as has been demonstrated, and could successfully achieve the desired outcome of whichever operatives are involved.  No matter how painful, we must assess our electoral system with a rational and coherent mind.  Our democracy depends on it.

We need to take a  look at each milestone along the road to election integrity and make sure it hasn’t been turned into a roadblock.  And if there are roadblocks, we need to start a conversation, organize and formulate a plan to remove them. Here’s a rough draft of some of them:


Campaign finance reform:-Citizen’s United decision

Fair political districts: -Gerrymandering

Registering all eligible voters: -Voter Suppression

Selection of good candidates:-Flawed primary process

Get out the vote: -Voter Suppression i.e. Crosscheck

Counting the votes accurately:-Corporate, proprietary, control of electronic voting systems

Counting the votes accurately:-Improper control of absentee ballots

Counting the votes accurately:-Impediments to auditing election results

We’re hopeful you’ll join us on the road to success for a just society through honest elections.