• Link to Florida Senators and Representatives:

  • Contact/boycott corporations that support a negative agenda through a few of these sites (special thanks to Bill Moyer’s article here):

Color of Change–a racial justice group, with a recent campaign success of helping to oust Bill O’Reilly from Fox News by influencing over 50 advertisers to pull their ads from his program.  When the money dries up, hate-mongering does as well.

Grabyourwallet–a modest website comprised of a Google spreadsheet listing about 50 companies to boycott.  Two million unique visitors view the site every month. Over 20 retailers have dropped Trump products since the boycott began and this is just the beginning.

Corporate Backers of Hate–this website allows protesters to bypass customer service staff at targeted corporations and send messages directly to top executives and board members to express their disapproval.

Sleeping Giants–Twitter site with a simple proposition: It asks followers to take screenshots of ads on Breitbart — preferably next to an offensive headline — and then tweet that screenshot to the company in the ad along with a polite message asking it to stop underwriting hate. This approach has been wildly successful; according to Sleeping Giants, over a thousand advertisers have pulled out of Breitbart.