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The importance of the “fourth estate”

fourth estateWith extensive dysfunction rampant within our three branches of  governmental “checks and balances”, we are having to rely extensively on the “fourth estate,” the media in its various forms, to highlight and counteract the stonewalling of actions needed to protect our democracy.   One note about social activism–it comes in many forms and letter writing to the media can be helpful in getting out opinions and facts that could be obscured by others with a bigger name or megaphone or ulterior motives.  You just cannot predict when or if your piece will resonate with an editor, but we all need to try and voice our informed opinions.

A recent letter to the editor in the “Orlando Sentinel” from the supervisor of elections in Seminole County, prompted a response from one of our members.  Her response is in today’s Sunday Sentinel.  (Links are below.)

Please keep us informed of your efforts and published letters, and even unpublished letters that are compelling, and we’ll put them up on our website to inspire and inform others.

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