As a volunteer grassroots organization, we rely on working together to carry out the functions and actions needed to make a positive difference within our community, nation and the world.  There are a number of issue committees working strategically with like-minded organizations to keep up the momentum in resisting the current atmosphere of injustice, hate and greed.  Working together, we believe we are empowered to successfully promote and help implement sensible and just legislation through various peaceful means.  Here are some of the ways to get involved.

Issue Committees

Write letters/voice your concerns–join with the many concerned citizens who are contacting their representatives, members of congress and corporations and asking them to support just actions and causes.  Please let us know of other favorite sites we can list here.

Office Volunteer–entails various duties and assistance with numerous campaigns.  Any free time available to help is appreciated.  Please let us know you’re willing to help out by putting “Office Volunteer” in the comment section.

Get Out the Vote Campaign–this campaign is starting in June to make sure we make significant gains in the mid-term elections next year.

Thank you for being an activist for justice, in all its forms.